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Playing Simcity BuildIt on My Android Phone

Simcity Buildit has captivated me once again. I used to play this game back in the older days in my PC computer. I feel in love with it ever since.  The problem before for the PC SimCity version was always due to the fact that my computer was not designed for gaming and had very low memory and PC speed to handle the very big requirement with regards to graphics for the game.

Now that EA has announced a mobile version, I was so excited to download and try it on my Samsung Android phone. Lucky for me, the new game does not need those very high graphic memory like the older versions. You can quickly see how the game has been optimized for the smaller size screen on mobile phones.

I was quiet surprised how good the graphics is on my phone and I can still all the details of the buildings and the moving vehicles like the old SimCity games.  Although there is a limitation the zoom in, still i very much enjoy the game since I can play it anywhere I go.

Plus for the fact that this game is a free to play game makes it even more better.  I really am not worried about spending in game purchases like having to buy more simcash because I run out, I simply can use a simcity build it android cheats to generate more free simcash for my city. You should see my City because even though I am still at a very low level, specifically at level 14, I already am close to reaching 100,000 Sim residence because I have fully upgraded and maximized my residential lots.

I wish I could show you my city but rest assured that I will make a video of it in a few days. For now, here is a youtube video showing how to fully build skyscrapers and have more sims in a very little space.  It is a matter of placing all the necessary needs of your sims to quickly boost your population

Marvel Contest of Champions - Tricks, Tips and Review

Do you remember that video game where you got to battle with each one of those DC Super Heroes, called Injustice Gods Amongst United states? Marvel sure did, and also now they have actually launched Marvel Competition of Champions, which is essentially Injustice, but changing the DC characters, with Marvel personalities. We wish we might state it's even more, yet that still isn't always a bad factor. Now as opposed to Superman, Batman, as well as The Flash, you reach play as Spider-Man, Thor, Leader America, The Hunk, Wolverine, and many more. Much more Wonder personalities are possibly much more widely known thanks to the countless movies, as well as Marvel Content of Champions takes full advantage of that.

You cannot assist, yet like viewing Spider-Man tackle Hulk, Wolverine breaking Thor, or Ironman battling Superstar Lord. It's fantastic to see thanks to the exceptional 3D graphics engine with such ornate, and real styles put on the renowneded Marvel characters. It's not merely the heroes, as the villains are consisted of also, and also there are renowned areas to fight in. With everything, it's classic game combat, yet with water faucets, as well as swipes to K.O. the opponent. Wonder Contest of Champions is absolutely simpler than Injustice with just one kind of swipe strike, as well as fewer prospective techniques. Likewise, even though you have a team of 3 entering each fight, you can't switch them during the battle like in Oppression, and also instead only go to a different personality in each brand-new battle, or if among your characters acquires knocked out.

There's an actual story in Wonder Contest of Champions that focuses on The Enthusiast providing you accessibility to the heroes in a battle with Kang the Conqueror. Both you, as well as Kang are making use of the different Marvel heroes to your benefit, and there are a number of quest levels, as well as chapters to dominate. There's an expansive actors of personalities, however quite basic gameplay to the point that a lot of fights play out identically. Despite who's dealing with, it's still the very same agitated swiping, as well as tapping with timed stopping, hefty strikes, and also special abilities included. There are various character lessons that compare to provide benefits, however that doesn't change the core gameplay. Because Wonder Competition of Champions is on the easy side in terms of just what you could do, it comes to be repeated that much quicker. It seems to be created to make it as accessible as feasible, similar to Globe of Warriors, which limits the lasting involvement.

As you would anticipate, the game is free to play similar to Injustice. There are numerous types of in-app currency to help you upgrade your characters, recover them, renew your power, as well as obviously get brand-new characters quicker. The free to play facets aren't as in your face as you would certainly expect, as well as you can simply appreciate the mission method entirely free of cost. Even the energy meter restores at a rate that you don't discover it, as well as you could conveniently get by with the personalities, and upgrades you unlock within the circulation of the game. The recovery is the only point that gets in the way, and there's still a great deal of different means to gain things to stay clear of paying. It takes a long period of time investigating the game prior to any of the freemium facets come to be obvious.

Marvel Contest of Champions (Free, Universal) offers you an acquainted video game that leverages acquainted characters to offer you totally free combating fun that anyone could enjoy. It's not one of the most complex, or thought prompting game, yet it's still satisfying to play, and view battle from wonderful Wonder characters. Marvel Competition of Champions deserves grabbing, though it still depends on your love of Wonder personalities, as well as family member fill of Injustice.

I would also like to share to my netherlands friends a Marvel Contest of Champions trucco for better gaming pleasure. I would not want to go into the details but this trick is certainly one that you will probably love the most. Happy New Year!

Life Like Shoes for Khloe in Kim Kardashian Hollywood Game

There seems to be no quiting the mum-of-one as she increases the application to include her mum and siblings. Typically it appears like Kim Kardashian is on a quest for globe dominance.

Which actually isn't that insane of a theory when you consider merely how quick her empire is increasing.

Take her mobile application for example, which has actually currently amassed a tremendous $43 million given that June baseding on parent firm Glu Mobile's third-quarter incomes record.

Nonetheless the 34-year-old isn't grabbing all of all the success for herself and is instead sharing it with her mum and sis.

Back in Nov Kris Jenner came to be a character on Mrs West's very own video game and also now Khloe and also Kourtney have actually been given their very own avatars too.

Khloe was plainly thrilled by the information and spurted regarding the animated character with an Instagram article as well as a picture.

She wrote: "Many thanks Keeks for discussing your video game #KimKardashianGame.".

OK, so if we do claim so ourselves, that looks VERY realistic.

The only question now is for how long until Kendall and Kylie are added? Because we can't hang around to see those also.

It's the 2nd factor this week for the Klan to commemorate after Kourtney brought to life her third youngster, a boy, on Sunday.

Regardless of the good news Kim has actually been busy defending herself to social media network individuals which criticised her for cropping child North out of a selfie.

The truth celebrity struck back: "Hang around is this truly news that I uploaded a selfie & cropped my little girl out? LOL.

"Her eyes were closed and I was feeling my look! Could I live?!?!".

So? what's next. If you are tired of waiting for your cash and stars to come in, just get a kim kardashian game cheat. You'll have instant access to all this resources without breaking a sweat.

Rovio Releases Angry Birds Transformers

Like the Angry Birds Celebrity Wars video games, Angry Birds Transformers maps Rovio's modern birds into traditional personalities. In this instance, that indicates Autobirds as well as Deceptihogs or, in similarly tongue-in-cheek style: "Birds camouflaged as Robotics in Disguise".

As a kid, I liked Transformers: the playthings, the programs, the top quality pajamas, and so on. Viewing those animations back as a grownup was a little bit dispiriting though.

Red is Optimus Excellent, Chuck is Bumblebee, Stella is Arcee and so forth. The personalities are still robotics efficient in changing right into automobiles, yet as opposed to human heads, they have robotic-looking bird heads, and also limbs. The story is similarly improbable, not the very least due to the fact that it includes both sides collaborating.

For grownups, Angry Birds Transformers is wonderful enjoyable, if you like one or both of the brand names undoubtedly. It's a brand-new category for Angry Birds that functions actually well, not the very least since repeating degrees really feels a great deal much less grindy compared to acquiring stuck on difficult degrees in the standard Angry Birds video games.

Exactly what concerning kids though? For my children, aged 5 as well as 7 and also massive Angry Birds followers, the brand-new video game is a little bit bothersome. My in-app investment (IAP) constraints are secured down, so there's no risk of them getting £69.99 really worth of treasures without my consent.

Nevertheless, I believe my boys are still a little bit youthful for the complexities of freemium video gaming-- interlacing moneys, power bars as well as timers in this situation-- yet they truly would like to play Angry Birds Transformers.

Angry Birds Transformers has a now-familiar map framework to browse via its degrees, opening brand-new locations and brand-new Transformers as you go, which could then be utilized to play. They could all level up, also, opening brand-new strikes as well as capabilities every couple of rankings.

Angry Birds Transformers isn't really one of the most threatening freemium video game around, as well as it likewise gives away treasures relatively kindly for a range of in-game success, in addition to for benefits when a close friend calls your personality right into their video game.

Fortunately: Angry Birds Transformers records the delights robotics in camouflage held for the youthful me, while likewise presenting a strong brand-new gameplay technician to Angry Birds. The not-so-good information: its passionate fostering of freemium or a free-to-play, showcases makes it a little a lot more troublesome as amusement for the aged me's youthful boy.

Angry Birds Transformers rests with the last team: no bird-flinging below. Rather, the video game plays like a cross in between a limitless jogger, Procedure Wolf as well as Fatigue-- the last much more in regards to the set-pieces where the video game slides right into slo-mo as landscapes blows up, instead of certain gameplay.

I enjoy to invest cash on video games that my youngsters appreciate, consisting of acquiring treasures periodically; it's feasible to make treasures to battle this type of hold-up; and also the even more personalities you open, the even more degrees there are to dip into any sort of one factor, lowering the possibilities of this sort of deadlock.

There's an interlocking system of online moneys. Popped porkers are made use of to cost-free personalities, which then appear to make use of. Coins are made via having fun, as well as are invested in opening brand-new locations of the map, and also on updating Transformers as well as charging their armour when they're out complete power.

It would certainly be unsafe-- additional time as well as price to establish, and also there is no existing evidence that moms and dads would certainly stump up. However it may assist Rovio with the difficulty of earning money properly while having 2 unique audiences: kids as well as grownups.

With developed eyes, it was tough not to view them as simply an advertising and marketing car for playthings, top quality pajamas, and so on. I presume if I saw He-Man once more, it would certainly be a comparable tale.

It's not a racing video game, then. As an alternative, each degree views your present Transformer leaving prominent, while you touch on surroundings as well as opponents behind-the-scenes to make them pitch and/or blow up. Each personality has their very own assault, from bullets to laser device blasts.

Freemium quibbles aside, as a video game Angry Birds Transformers does an excellent task of interesting Transformers followers aged and also brand-new, while likewise giving yet much more evidence that Red, Chuck as well as team are personalities versatile sufficient to match nicely right into brand-new tales as well as video game categories.

As in the Angry Birds Celebrity Wars video games, Rovio has actually plainly concentrated regarding exactly what folks enjoy concerning the initial brand name, and also just how that could suit nicely with its very own personalities. For me, it's a much warmer, crafted reverence compared to the current Transformers movies.

In the meantime, I'm taking a mindful method with my youngsters, playing the video game with them, as well as discussing just how it functions and also why we cannot acquire unlimited treasures. However it's a sufficient video game that I have actually discovered myself playing it a great deal at nights and also while driving to work, without a youngster visible.

At the same time, treasures are the video game's "difficult" money: acquired in amounts of in between £2.99 and also £69.99, and afterwards utilized to quicken the video game's timers, or to offset missing out on coins when shopping an upgrade you cannot manage.  There is also the jenga mode which cost $9.99 which I think you can get to unlock from trainers on other sites.

There are bunches of remarkable little touches as well, from the pally cut-scenes after a buddy has actually assisted you defeat a degree, with to the different tools, using slo-mo at essential minutes, as well as the method some rockets transform you right into a cleaning equipment.

Why have I been enjoying aged Transformers animations in 2014? Well, my 5 year-old kid found them in ToonsTV, the comic strip network that now rests within every Angry Birds mobile video game, streaming a mix of brand-new shorts as well as aged programs like Transformers and also Fraggle Stone.

One more on-screen button transforms you right into a motor vehicle to run along, utilized when you're passing substantial statuaries that pitch forwards as you come close to: time it right, and also you acquire one more Matrix-ish slo-mo impact to compensate your ability.

It deserves claiming that Angry Birds Transformers does have its very own array of bodily "Telepods" playthings, like both Superstar Wars video games, Angry Birds Go! as well as Angry Birds Stella prior to it.

Coiled this are lots of various other attributes. Social, as an example: you could check in by means of Facebook and afterwards take a pal's personality along for each and every degree, touching a button to call them in for assistance. This is when the activity decreases as well as every little thing behind-the-scenes blows up, prior to they clomp together with you momentarily firing away.

Oh, timers. Yep. Updating Transformers takes some time: a couple of mins in the video game's beginning, yet around 5 hrs by the time a personality is visiting level 7. You could invest treasures to make the upgrade take place instantaneously. Furthermore for charging, and also to "obstruct" degrees that aren't usable for a time frame.

However, I question if there'll ever before be range for Rovio to release different "For Children" variations of brand-new Angry Birds video games, without the freemium technicians, as well as spent for in advance by moms and dads, or probably despite a little month-to-month membership consisting of a collection quantity of online money to invest.

The timers were a concern, however. At one factor, the 3 readily available degrees (then) each had a timer avoiding us betting, specifically, simply over 3 and also a fifty percent hrs, virtually 35 mins and also simply over 10 mins. Attempt describing that to a 5 year-old that obtains a carefully-managed 20 mins of tablet time a day.

Checking them being used your tool's cam briefly opens brand-new transformers, increases their power and also charges their armour-- the last particularly will certainly navigate a few of the hanging around time, moving investing from in-app investments to bodily playthings that could likewise be had fun with in the real life.

The gameplay is the huge adjustment, however. In the past, routine Angry Birds video games have actually adhered to a physics-based fling-birds-at-pigs layout, albeit improving it in time with brand-new assaults and also degree styles. At the same time, sequels like Bad Piggies, Angry Birds Go! as well as Angry Birds Impressive have actually examined out brand-new types of gameplay.

That's been a canny seeding advocate Rovio's brand-new video game, Angry Birds Transformers. Launched for iOS (with Android ahead), it adheres to previous top quality tie-ins Angry Birds Rio as well as both Angry Birds Celebrity Wars video games.

If you have actually ever before overlooked your nose at the standard Angry Birds gameplay as good luck as opposed to ability, you may such as Angry Birds Transformers: it's far more of a jerk video game requiring fast feedbacks, a great head as well as on-the-hoof technique. It's additionally excellent enjoyable: a breath of fresh air for Angry Birds.

Framed - Another cool iOS Game

Framed is new game released by Från Loveshack and it has taken several awards. The further you get involved in the video game, the a lot more it experiments with these suggestions. One part views you basically going through a labyrinth. There are guards at every edge, and also you have to develop a course to obtain previous them.

Every one of the web pages has its very own eureka minute. Some tiny and also scarcely recognizable, others marvelous as well as commonly come with by a complacent smile.

As well as while it recycles a few of its suggestions, the video game never ever really feels recurring. It changes points about rapidly, as well as isn't really terrified to turn the end results so exactly what you anticipate to function does not rather go over.

In an additional you have to strike a button to shut off the lights, creep past some now blind cops, then change every little thing a 2nd time to strike the button once again and also power up the door you have to make use of to run away.

There's a shocking rate to the video game. You're constantly running, constantly darting from the shadows to the following protected port of telephone call. Failing simply ever before resets your progression throughout a solitary web page, allowing you hop directly back right into identifying the obstacle.
It creates an unbelievably enjoyable, if a little quick, encounter. It's a puzzle video game with an interesting tale that does not seem like anything else on the Application Establishment.

Mounted isn't really the lengthiest video game, yet it does not outstay its welcome either. It's much less regarding the obstacle and also even more concerning experiencing the remarkably basic suggestion that exists at the heart of every little thing it does.

It includes originalities as you function your method with its story, permitting you turn panels and also reuse frameworks. By the end you're hysterically switching over points about, attempting to ensure you do not take a bullet to the upper body.

Points begin easy. You drag frameworks around and also place them in the order you assume is visiting function. You should creep previous guards, advantage along walks, and also keep one action in advance of your relentless pursuers.

And also it does it all without a word. You're delegated figure points out on your own, jabbing as well as prodding at the little play ground to discover just what does just what.

Mounted's main concept is a pleasure. You're reorganizing the panels of a computer animated comic to lead a scarpering criminal throughout an electronic web page.

This has to do with as fresh a puzzler as you're most likely to discover on the Application Shop. It overflows with self-confidence as well as swagger, as well as will certainly have you paralyzed from the very first swipe to the last.

There's a tasty noir feel to procedures. Every little thing's raincoat as well as Trilbys, strange brief-cases and also thick areas of colour. Cigarettes stimulate in the gloom, and also nobody is which they appear to be.

Failings are nearly worth it to view every one of the terrific computer animations the video game needs to provide. One specifically, that views you diminishing a roofing many thanks to a stack of logs, is amusing.

Functioning points out is the order of business, and also your successes are all the better due to the fact that you're left by yourself to attain them.

New Marvel Game - Contest of Champions

So I finally got over my Terra Battle excitement and moved on to newer games.  And here is a new one just released by Marvel and this game is Contest of Champions, another brawling games of both earth and galaxy Marvel heroes and villains.  Was able to download and play the game and I would say, I am enjoying it. (only available in Denmark right now).

Though the download is still limited I encourage everyone not to worry because I am pretty sure this will be released worldwide in a few days time.  I would say it is way better than other marvel games like what we used to play in Marvel's Injustice (there a cheat here if you want.), or superman and batman.  I also love how the game plays so smoothly and without and clatter.  I would say, the gaming performance division has certainly stepped up because the game runs very well on slower processors like that of the iPhone 4.

Here's a very cool video by IGN:

I also found a game cheat so you get IOS8, DDK and crystals!