Halloween Treats 2013 with Simpsons Tapped Out

That's right folks! Released last October 1, 2013, Simpsons Tapped out for iOS and Android released its second halloween treat.  Although the previous update was just a few days for the KrustyLand update, the makers took no time to go with the holidays and treat everyone with something special.

The new update features some really cool stuff such as the addition of new characters which you will only unlock after certain quests is completed.  A new currency is also added so you can get this new items.  This new currency is called GOO. Whatever that is, it is one valuable item that everyone is looking for.  In fact many are looking for ways how to bypass the system and just get hacked goos. 

Unfortunately no such a cheat tool is steal available and only the unlimited donuts and can be exploited.  You can read more about Tapped out Hack.  I even got mine to work on my iPhone 5s.  Really cool mod!

The versions 4.5 update or as others would call it as the Ghost Halloween Update of 2013 for Simpsons Tapped out is packed with so many new trick or treat quest.  The new characters are also some good additional contents that will keep you occupied for the rest of the Halloween Season.

So this 2013 update is ready to rock your Holiday.  The question is, Are you?