Fifa 14 Ultimate Team

One more year in FIFA, we will have the ultimate team 14 game mode, where you can create us our dream team with players of high level and different equipment in order to be part of the elite of this game. Check it out on itunes for the latest update.

As usual, there are a number of advantages for many of us, that is, reserving your fifa 14 establishments or via internet, you will receive 24 free to gold envelopes, in particular, every week administered you an envelope of gold until last 24 weeks.
Good advantage for people who play much this mode of fifa, since with these envelopes, most all the coins that you are getting with the passage of days, you can go putting together your team to measure.

Team of the week
The option of challenging the team of the week will continue to be active in 14 fifa, in this way, according to the level that you choose can go gaining currency as in previous fifa and so have other different game mode.

Ultimate team, glasses online
In Cup mode 14 Fifa online will continue to be another option for play, for people who enjoy more than the playoffs, from second round until the end, this game mode will be every day and at all available hours, where in case of winning the Cup, can take you a good bag of extra coins. I wonder how it would be on the 2017 when fifa 17 would come out!? That would be something!

It seems easy to carry the Cup, but there are long level players who want them to play this game mode, therefore no trust.

In Fifa 14 will continue having as main dish in ultimate team mode of seasons, where you see really where if the team that you have done, is really competitive and the best team of each division.

This year as novelty will start in division 10 and from the points scored, it raises, you gonna or Division.

par excellence is the game mode of ultimate team that most draws our attention, since the aim of all is to reach division 1, and keep and try to be the best in statistics and other aspects of the game.

Envelopes of Ultimate team
The envelopes that will be available in the fifa 14 ultimate team will be the same we already had in 13 FIFA, envelopes of bronze, silver, gold.

Will also have special jumbo special envelopes and premium among others that is iran added as always as the months have passed.

It will remain difficult to a golden envelope is to acquire a top player, since every time there is less available and if it were easy to get them all the users would have the best players and it would be very little motivator when it comes to play, there to work it to get coins and thus be able to sign top level players.

Friendly matches in Ultimate team
We will continue to play a friendly online against any adversary and we will also continue to enjoy friendly matches in ultimate team against the template of other our friends, to be able to compare templates i levels and out for sure who of my friends has best team and see if we really have those players who tell us every day that have and check it.

Possible improvements to ultimate 14
Many of us always we have complained of the same as soon as we talk about fifa ultimate team, that if the contracts, if the fatigue of the players, etc etc and the truth is we have reason, on the subject of contracts would many of you have stopped playing ultimate because contracts are over you? Would be easy to mu for "bosses" give us many contracts of long duration and not having to think more in them, but also is the grace of the game, having to fight to get something, as it is clear from the point of view of each.
We must find an intermediate point to redress the balance and have everyone happy, we will see that we can offer in this respect.
Penalties for abandonment
They will continue with the improvement that if you leave a party started, you'll have go penalty and that affect the following parties in terms of the currencies that you little, normal thing, since if you start something, you have to finish it with all the consequences, you lose by one goal or by eight.
Ultimate team 14, perfect gameplay?
The truth, ultimate team is a very complete game modality that offers many variations of the game and other few things, as we have said previously, what most worries the players is the subject of envelopes and content that fills each envelope, incidentally, are very pleased with ultimate team and their characteristics.
Today we don't have many more news about ultimate, subject that are leaving a little paragraph and are focusing more on offer improved graphics and gameplay, motive that we see important. Also check out debtscape for more gaming reviews! Chow!